VHF Licensing

While a license is not required to listen to any VHF frequency, you will need a license if you wish to transmit on these frequencies. It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain this license and follow local laws. 

You are now able to apply for your license online using the Spectrum Management System on the Industry Canada website. This license allows recreational users to transmit on the Resource Road Logging frequencies and the LAD Highway frequencies.

Follow the steps below if you would like to apply for a basic light user license used for recreation and non business related use.

Step 1. Go to the ISED Spectrum Management System Website by clicking here

Step 2. Click “Register” as seen in the circle in the image below

Step 3. Click “Create a new Web Profile” circled in the image below

Step 4. Select “New Licensee” and click next

Step 5. Choose a Username and password, then fill out your personal information and click next.

Step 6. Fill out your Name and select “Private individual” for licensee type, “Radiocommunication User” for Business activity and Holder Type, and “No” for Small Business. Fill out your personal information in the rest of the fields and click next.

Step 7. No attachments are required at this time, just click next

Step 8. Confirm your information and hit next.

Step 9. Wait for your registration to be approved. This may take a couple of days.

Step 10. Go back to the Spectrum Management System website  here and click “Apply for new licenses”

Step 11. Click on “Apply for a license” and scroll down

Step 12. Click on “Land Mobile”